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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hypnosis and Quitting

When all else fails when it comes to quitting smoking, there is one last resort that many smokers turn to. That last resort is Hypnosis. Non-believers laugh when you tell them that you are going to get hypnotized to stop smoking. But research has shown that it is possible. The first step would be to find someone who is qualified. Check out your local yellow pages and see who is listed. Then make a list of questions such as is they licensed, how long have they been doing this and do they have letters of recommendations of testimonials that they can show you. If you go for a consultation and you don't see a license then don't stay. When it comes to mind altering in anyway, if there is no license then there is no hypnosis.
When you go for a consultation ask hypnotists what they can do for you and see what each session entails. Price is also an issue; shop around for the best price. Once you have gathered up all of your information, you can choose. Don't expect to just walk in and have a seat and then they will wave a pendant in front of you and viola you will be hypnotized. The trick to determine why it is that you smoke and then through questions and by your own answers, the hypnotist can set a treatment that will work.

For example, by answering their questions it is determined that you smoke because you are stressed out. The hypnotist can target that area of the brain, so when you become stressed they can place a suggestion to lessen the effects of stress, causing you to not to smoke. If you smoke because you don't want to gain weight then there is post hypnotic suggestion that will work for you as well.

Do your own research when it comes to any treatment that you are considering. If you don't want to go to a therapist then try the self-hypnotizing CD's and Videos that are available. There are plenty of self-help and self-hypnosis that you can try before going to a professional. Look online, you can find some great items on the web when it comes to stop smoking.

The truth is that hypnosis does not work on everyone. It is true that you have to have an open mind or it won't work. The mind is a powerful tool and even the slightest negativity will not work. Keep your mind open, especially if you are serious about quitting. If you bring a good attitude and a strong will to stop smoking then you can do it. The old saying goes, you can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it. That works even for hypnosis and quitting smoking.

If you are not really sure that this is the way to want to go, then at least give it a try. Talk to some hypnotists and see what they can offer. If the price is right and you like what they have to say then you have nothing to lose.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Can I make Quitting Easier?

You may find it hard to stop smoking but the government is doing everything in their power to help you cut down. With all these new laws about not smoking in restaurants and at your place of employment, places to smoke are becoming scarce. But ultimately it is up to you to quit. Nicotine is very addicting and it is said to be harder to quit than cocaine. But it can be done; the main tool you need here is the will to quit. If you are saying that you want to quit just for the sake of saying it, you will never do it. But the old saying goes, where there is a will there is a way.

First, you want to set a goal for yourself. There are a lot of people who say I want to quit smoking by June 1st. Do you know what happens when June 1st comes around and you have not quit? You will end up smoking more because you are now discouraged. Take it one day at a time, give yourself a month and everyday, take one less cigarette out of the box and throw it away, it will be one less that you smoke that day.

Then you want to figure out what times of the day you smoke and why. For example, if you write down at 10:30 I have a cigarette and it is when I go outside with my coworkers. Now, you have a starting point to change that. Most people who go outside at smoke breaks do it to socialize. Even though it is a great time to get out of the office for 15 minutes, try staying at your desk and work. By cutting out or changing up your routine, you will start to see your craving for a smoke decrease.

Many people, who attempt to quit, are not successful. This is because they do not take the right steps in order to change. Another prime example is, people say they smoke when they drink coffee. Switch from coffee to tea, not only is tea better for you but it will also relax you where you don't have the anxiety to smoke. If you need a little extra help, it is ok. There are many things that you can do. One great way to make quitting easier is to quit with a friend, almost the buddy system.

The support there would be tremendous and it would help both of you out so much. Support from friends and family is key, ask those who smoke, not to smoke around you. If you don't see someone else do it you will be less likely to go out and smoke yourself. Attend cessation programs, check with your local library or adult center. Hospitals offer programs that you can sign up for. It is ok to use Nicorette gum or the patch. The main objective here is to quit once and for all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why Should I Quit Smoking?

There should only be one reason why you should want to quit smoking and that is your health. No other reason should be as important. Smoking is a horrible habit and yet it is not that easy to quit. They say that smoking is harder to quit then cocaine; nicotine is so addictive that some people may never be able to quit. Reasons for quitting may vary and you should make a list of the pros of smoking and the cons and see which one out weighs the other. The goal of the list is to show you that there are more cons than pros.

Smoking as you may know is the leading cause of diseases such as cancer and emphysema. Smoking is also related to other symptoms such as stress. Many people claim they reason they smoke is due to stress. Smoking no matter what great a shape you are in will hurt you in the long run. You will no longer have the stamina you once had. Even during the simplest activity you will become winded. You will be more prone to have bronchitis and others around you may end up with bronchitis because of the second hand smoke.

That leads us to our next point as to why you should quit smoking. Not only are you hurting yourself but you are also hurting other people around you. Studies have shown that people who have never smoked came down with lung cancer. Most people who smoke most often drink coffee. These two in combination with each other can cause some damage. There are some people who smoke only when they drink coffee, so they tend to drink coffee more as a way to explain why they smoke so much.

Other people like the idea of smoking with a group of people at work. Usually when people go outside to smoke they get together and socialize. You will hear a lot of people say I am a social smoker. Social smoker or someone who smokes all the time makes no difference. Once you get started it may be hard to stop. You want to quit for all the right reasons.

Why would you want to have yellow teeth or yellow skin? Smoking is actually known to cause anxiety. Breathing problems can occur as well. Plus think out how much money you will save by saving on smoking. Health wise, it is very important to quit while you can. There are so many techniques and methods that you can choose from. Unless you have the desire to quit smoking very badly, it is not recommended that you quit cold turkey.

Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking and see if there are any ideas that he can offer you. You don't have to quit smoking overnight and you should not expect to but over time you will see great changes in your health, everyday that you stop smoking.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tips to Quit Smoking

Not everyone can choose to quit smoking all on their own. There are many people who need help in quitting. Others just don't know where to start. Here are some tips to help you quit.

Tip # 1: Don't quit cold turkey. While there are many people who can do this, there are also many that cannot. Try tapering off slowly. Pretty soon, you will down to maybe a quarter of a pack a day and then you will down to nothing.

Tip # 2: Try using aides to help you quit. Try Nicorette Gum or the Patch. There is nothing wrong in getting a little extra help while trying to quit. It should not matter if you needed help or quit on your own. As long as you quit.

Tip # 3: Find some support: Support can come in many different ways. You can ask a group of friends to help you. If you have friends that smoke, tell them you are quitting and then ask them not to smoke around you. There are also professional groups that you can join to help you stop smoking and talk to others who are going through the same thing.

Tip # 4: Change your habits. For example, if you usually smoke at breakfast while drinking coffee. Cut out coffee, if you normally eat in the kitchen, try eating in the living room watching TV. The TV will act as a distraction from the need to smoke. A lot of people out there smoke because they are bored.

Tip # 5: Try to get more sleep. Quitting smoking usually takes a toll on your body because the body is lacking something it is used to getting on a daily basis. By getting a lot of rest will reenergize you. Every day you will get stronger and stronger. Get the rest while you can

Tip # 6: Drink Plenty of Water. Sounds strange for quitting smoking, it sounds more like a weight loss tool. But water actually washes away the nicotine toxins in your body and it will curtail the need to smoke. Water can help with the withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Tip # 7: If you tend to smoke more when you are stressed out, instead of reaching for a cigarette, you can reach for a cup of hot tea and lemon. Tea is very soothing and it is a great stress reliever. Stay away from coffee when it comes to stress because most people will admit that with them, smoking and drinking go hand in hand.

Tip # 8: Take it one day at a time. Don't ever make an exact date to quit. By saying that I will have stopped smoking in three weeks, it will make you smoke more when you have not realized your goal. Just take it day by day. You will reach your goal. By putting more pressure on yourself, you will not do as well.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Why is it so hard?

If you can understand why it is hard for people to stop smoking it may be easier to actually quit. Many people believe they do not have the will power to stop but chances are that is really not the problem. For one Nicotine in the cigarette is a drug that is found naturally in tobacco. It is a very addictive drug and it has been said that it is as addictive as either cocaine or heroine and just as hard to quit.

When you decide to quit, you will experience Nicotine withdrawals, these symptoms mirror people who go into detox to quit cocaine. You will feel dizzy which only lasts 1 to2 days in the beginning, depression, feelings or frustration or even anger. One common withdrawal symptom is irritability, you may have trouble sleeping or trouble falling asleep, and you may experience trouble concentrating, restlessness, headache, tiredness or increased appetite which is the kicker. When a smoker quits smoking, because they feel so horrible from not smoking they just want to feel better so they start smoking again.

They continue to smoke until they feel like their old self again. That is why6cold turkey sometimes is not a good idea because it is a shock to the body and you feel horrible and some people feel it is not worth feeling lousy just to stop smoking.

There are many reasons to quit; one great reason is for your health and for the health of others. It is estimated that people who smoke will die from smoking related illness. Smoking cause's lung cancer but it can cause lung cancer in people who do not smoke; second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking. Smoking also increases lung problems such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis; non smokers can experience these ailments as well.

For women there are additional health risks especially for women who smoke and take birth control pills, it can cause strokes in women who do both. Low birth weight babies are also good possibilities if you smoke or are around smoke while pregnant. Miscarriages are also a possibility. Is it worth risking the life of your unborn baby just to have a drag of a cigarette?

If you do quit, the first 20 minutes you heart rate will drop and your blood pressure will drop as well, 12 hours after quitting the carbon monoxide level drops back to normal in your blood and 2 to 3 months after you quit, blood circulation increases as does your lung function, is it worth it now?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tips to Stop Smoking

If you are considering quitting then here are some tips to help you. The first tip is Tell Others your Plan to Quit. Quitting may be easier to stay focused when you tell people you are quitting. Plus they will offer their support which you may need in the first day or so. If you hate people who constantly ask how you are doing, when you tell people you are quitting ask them not to ask, rather tell them how they can help.

Next, remove the Cigarettes and Other tobacco from Your Home, Car and Work. You know the old expression out of sight, out of mind. Clean these areas that smells like smoke, use deodorizers and air fresheners to get rid of the smell, if you can't smell it you will not want to smoke it. Then make a list of why you want to quit. If you have superficial reasons for quitting then you won't last. Make sure your reasons are valid so you will stick to it.

You are not the first person to quit and you won't be the last. So keep that in mind if other people with less resolve than you can stop then so can you. If you are pregnant then it is the perfect time to quit, you don't want to risk the health of the baby by smoking. Smoking while pregnant causes low birth weight and sometimes miscarriages.

Distract your self from smoking, take up a hobby where you can keep your hands busy, like gardening or needlepoint. Idle hands tend to make a smoker want to smoke. Don't think you can do it all; expect to relapse because if you expect it then chances are you might not because you think you will. Become more physically active, start exercising or take walks, keep your mind on something else.

Nicotine is a powerful addiction and every hour that do without a cigarette brings you one step closer to beating the nicotine. Keep a journal as to how you feel day to day, it will be like a therapy, it will help you. Count the days that you have stopped smoking you will find great encouragement from this. Try chewing gum or lollypops in order to satisfy the oral fixation of having a cigarette in your mouth. Before you know it you will have stopped smoking and you will feel great.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quit Smoking Advice

If you have finally picked a good time to stop smoking there are good times and bad times to do so. If you are under type of stress then it is not the best time to quit. People who smoke tend to smoke more when they are under pressure from work or a family crisis. Stress and smoking go hand in hand and when you decide to stop smoking while there is work stress or home stress, you may end up smoking more than you did before.

Chose the method of smoking wisely. If you decide to go cold turkey you may find it difficult, so don’t quit all at once, try to wean your way off, if you smoke 12 cigarettes a day then next day smoke one less, each day smoke one less and before you know it you will have stopped smoking. When you just stop, some people gain weight so by cutting down by one a day you won’t feel the need to over eat because you are still smoking just not as often.

If you decide to get the patch, consult your doctor before undertaking, the patch or the gum or any stop smoking pills. There is nicotine in these patches and pills and they may not be for you. Always consult your doctor before doing anything radical like quit smoking, just get a clean bill of health before you start with patches and pills.

Another great way to stop smoking and it does not require pill, patches or even cold turkey, it is Hypnosis. Find a licensed Hypnotherapist and find out what exactly is entailed with Hypnosis in order to stop smoking. It is a proven method and people liked it because they did not even realize that they had stopped smoking. But only use a licensed Hypnotherapist, you can find them in your Yellow Pages.

Others have tried many, many ways and they have not all worked. You must have the will not to want to smoke, if deep down you don’t want to stop then chances are any method you try won’t work and you may end up smoking more. So unless you are 100 percent committed to quitting don’t attempt it because it won’t work. Until you can wake up in the morning and say this is the day, you just aren’t ready.

Don’t let anyone badger you, you quit when you are ready.